• Latest news about the new silkworm influenza
  • Amakuru agezweho kubyerekeye ibicurane bishya bya silkworm (in Kinyarwandian)
  • Informations about the grant for the ‘Let’s Have One More Child in the Family!’ program
  • Facts about the Unconditional Basic Income
  • To those who have undergone hygenic surgery under the old hygenic protection law
  • Update about the program ‘Let’s go on Holday’

Disclaimer: This is a fake webpage in the style of a japanese governmental webpage. It was conceived and designed in the course of a workshop taking place on April 3rd, 2020, in Kyoto, Japan. This project was created by Mana Kobayakawa, Kenta Suzuki and Gergely Péter Barna.

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