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Your lifetime health companion.

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Dear Members of the Public

Given the recent medical threat to the society, the Ministry of Wealthy Labour and Healthcare decided to introduce an innovative healthcare companion, M.I.DOLL (Medical Identity Doll). This optional social service makes it pleasantly easy to anonymously monitor the heath-state of each and every citizen, to receive the most adequate treatment at the medical facilities.

| About the product

What does it do?

M.I.DOLL collects and manages people’s health information (body temperature, heart rate, quality of sleep, amount of exercise, brain waves, stress index, pulse, hearing, vision, environmental information, etc.) and transfers it to the government. The government works with health care providers to provide appropriate medical care to individuals based on that information.

Why do I need it?

Although M.I.DOLL is optional, there are a variety of benefits to possessing them.

(1) You can keep abreast of changes in your physical condition
With M.I.DOLL, you can immediately see any mishaps that you wouldn’t normally notice.

(2) You can get treatment adapted to your condition at a medical facility
M.I.DOLL allows healthcare providers to make a more accurate diagnosis. You no longer have to worry excessively about misdiagnosis.

(3) You can receive a variety of benefits
If you have M.I.DOLL and are in good health, you will be able to gain social credit in stages. You can also enjoy a variety of other services at a cheaper price.

How to receive M.I.DOLL?

You can get M.I.DOLL for free from the day you are born just by applying. Click on the link below to learn more.

Disclaimer: This is a fake webpage in the style of a japanese governmental webpage. It was conceived and designed in the course of a workshop taking place on April 3rd, 2020, in Kyoto, Japan. This project was created by Mana Kobayakawa, Kenta Suzuki and Gergely Péter Barna.

How to navigate: Click on the Apply Now! button to proceed in the imaginary application procedure. This is not an actual application procedure.