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You can apply for M.I.DOLL by using one of the following methods below. Approximately one week after registration, M.I.DOLL will be delivered to your home.

(1) Mail

777, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 222-2222

(2) Fax

Ministry of Wealthy, Labor and Healthcare

(3) Online

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This Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the „Terms“) defines the terms of use of the services related to M.I.DOLL provided by the government. The user can use this service in accordance with this agreement.
ARTICLE 1§ 1Citizens can be registered in the M.I.DOLL system when they are born. The registration procedure is as specified in Article 6, Paragraph 4 of the M.I.DOLL Act.
ARTICLE 2§ 1Users must provide their health information to the government via M.I.DOLL.
 § 2The government collects health information by conducting a user health survey by M.I.DOLL according to the provisions of Paragraph 3, Article 5 of the Maidor Act. The survey items are as follows. Body temperature, heart rate, sleep state, range of activity, amount of exercise, stress index, blood pressure, hearing, visual acuity, eating habits, surrounding environment, simple response. In addition, the user must not refuse the health check.
 § 3The user must not allow M.I.DOLL to collect unauthorized health information.
ARTICLE 3§ 1The government must safely store the health information collected in accordance with Article 5 Paragraph 3 of the M.I.DOLL Act.
 § 2The user can request the government to delete the stored information.
ARTICLE 4§ 1The government can use the collected health information for the purpose of user’s health and well-being.
 § 2The government cannot sell the collected health information. However, this does not apply if it contributes to the health of the user.
 § 3The government must not monitor users with health information. However, this is not the case when the crisis for the health and well-being of the people is imminent.
ARTICLE 5§ 1Users who are judged to be in poor health by the survey (hereinafter referred to as „healthy people“) must undergo an additional health survey.
 § 2The government can take measures to improve the health of poor health persons.
 § 3The government must take all possible measures to maintain the health of the users if a poor health person may harm the health of other users. The government can limit the basic rights of poor health persons as long as the purpose is to maintain the health of users.
ARTICLE 6§ 1Users may not transfer or sell their own M.I.DOLL to others. In the event of the death of the M.I.DOLL user or the failure of the M.I.DOLL, it must be reported.
 § 2If the user violates Articale 6 Clause 1 of this Agreement, he / she will be punished with imprisonment for not more than 10 years, as provided in Article 7 Clause 7 of the M.I.DOLL Law.
ARTICLE 7§ 1The user cannot delete the registration of M.I.DOLL system. However, it will be automatically deleted when the user dies.

Disclaimer: This is a fake webpage in the style of a japanese governmental webpage. It was conceived and designed in the course of a workshop taking place on April 3rd, 2020, in Kyoto, Japan. This project was created by Mana Kobayakawa, Kenta Suzuki and Gergely Péter Barna.

How to navigate: You don’t have to fill out the form. This is not an actual application procedure. Please read through the Terms of Service. With a click on the Register button the tour will end and you will be redirected to the Results page.