Be a Pro in Metaverse

Available in 04.05.2055

3 Days 05:44:59


Free the limits of controller

A new way to navigate in Metaverse

Tired of navigating through the Metaverse with a gamepad? Want to free your hands and experience a new way of navigation?

Metapro is a device that uses the muscles and nerves of the back to navigate. Wearing Metapro, you can not only get a more free movement experience in Metaverse, but also get the adventure that you did not experience in the real world by trying to control the limbs that grow out of your back.


With Neural and miro-muscle sensor technology,
MetaPro provides a more intuitive and amazing way
of playing in Metaverse. Want to fly in the Meta-Sky?
Give up the handlebars now, concentrate and get
ready to take off!

no Avatar,
be one.

Surfing in Metaverse with MetaPro is an extroadinary experience. It brings together Metaverse and physic world even closer. The
hard work you put in training muscle and reflexes can now reflects in your avatar through
this incredible device.


Together, go beyond.

Century Biocorp is founded in april, 2050. We strive in iterating, solving problems and
working together to develop devices in the state of the art. Century Biocorp has been
cooperating with EQUAL METAVERSE to achieve the goal and MetaPro is our statement of
promises to equality all over the world, including the world of Metaverse.

Join us with MetaPro, and together, go beyond.


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Disclaimer: This is a fake product webpage. It was conceived and designed in the course of a digital workshop taking place in September, 2022, in Taipei, Taiwan. This project was created by Leonard Wei, Bey Chang and Wei-Shan Chou.