The Bubble Connecting Tool.

Interbubbly is a revolutionary browserplugin that starting 2030 will be pre-installed into all available internetbrowsers. 
You can already part of it right now! Just install the interbubbly extension today and move beyond the limits of your personal filter bubble.


Our mission is simple: 

A change of perspective!

Ever feeling trapped inside your filter bubble of super-individualized targeted content that only supports your own point of view and shows you only news to topics you are already interested in? 
– Then you might be ready for a change of perspective! Leave your own bubble with just one click and take a look at the world out of the perspective of an other person’s bubble.

At a time, when hyper-individualization & hyperindividualism is at its peak

Me, me, MEEEE!!! Living in an increasingly individualized world, bubbles of opinions or information have become a serious problem.

As every person is being served with but the information he/she likes, everybody is now living in his own very individualized world, where one’s own point of view seems always supported. Furthermore the level of information and knowledge about certain topics has begun to differ widely across the society, while communication between bubbles with different points of views has decreased.
This eventually led to the loss of a productive dispute and discussion culture and due to a lacking capability of making compromises also political decision making has become more and more difficult.
This is where interbubbly takes action!

What is a filter bubble and what does interbubbly do?

Awareness, Information, Engagement

Using online services everyday, we are feeding information about our preferences, beliefs and our view of life into algorithms. Based on this information of what we like and what interests us, online services like news feeds, social media, shopping sites or search engines again can show us specifically targeted content that we most probably also like. On the other side, content we might not be interested in, will be hidden from us.
So – two users with different preferences are not being shown the same results. In the long run they do not share the same basis of information or can avoid truths or opinions they don’t like altogether. Faster than you might think you are stuck in your own filter bubble. Interbubbly wants to change that! And this is how it works:


Identify bubbles and communicate them to the user

When browsing a webpage or newsfeed, interbubbly can identify the bubble that algorithms put you in based on your behavior or preferences (your »home-bubble«) and informs you about it.

This way you get a better understanding why you are being shown certain content on a website or search engine, while other might be hidden from you: Interbubbly helps you to better evaluate the information you are confronted with on the internet.


Switch bubbles

Changing perspective is easy! Just use interbubbly’s interface and choose an other bubble to change your webcontent into that bubble’s point of view.

To keep things interesting and to prevent you from getting to cosy with one bubble, interbubbly autonomously throws you out of your home- bubble once in a while. (Of course you’ll get notified and you can always return to your own home-bubble.)


AI based on a different bubble-point of view invites to discuss a topic

Now that you are took a peek at the world from many different perspectives, you have learnt that there are many kinds of people – some of them you might share a similar point of view with, some of them ... you certainly won’t. And of course you don’t have to! However as it is interbubbly’s aim to not only expand your horizon as a passive spectator, but also to reconnect people in a productive discussion culture, you are now ready for phase 2.

We know – talking to people can be ... difficult. Especially when they‘re from a different bubble. This is why you first start in a kind of training phase where you chat with an AI, that has adapted to the opinions and views of the bubble you’d like to talk with. This way you can practice your communications skills in a more calm and secure environment as the AI will act in the role of a mediator and explain certain comments and opinions between different bubbles and establish a positive tone of communication.

Our goal: exchange, learning, information and critical yet open mindsets

It is interbubbly’s aim to reconnect people and to encourage a positive and productive culture of discussion.

After you’ve mastered interbubbly’s phase 1&2 – gaining awareness of different perspectives and training your interaction with different opinions–, you should now be able to practice a fruitful yet critical exchange of ideas, mindsets and information with real people. You connected the bubbles!


The Bubble Connecting Tool

Some info on »filter bubbles«:

Ted talk by Eli Pariaser, author of the book »The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You«

> https://www.ted.com/talks/eli_pariser_beware_online_filter_bubbles#t-522161

Disclaimer: This is a fake product webpage. It was conceived and designed in the course of a workshop taking place on December 7th, 2019, in Munich, Germany. This project was created by Veronika Disl, Daniela Schneider, Alexander Ladwein & Julius Mondarell.