Are you unhappy?

Do you ever feel like nobody understands how you do?

Feel happy with us

We invented a pair of glasses which detects and influences your mood with the help of coloured ambient light. Moreover there is a scale of emojis to detected the moods of others.

State of Mind

Imagine there is this moment in life, when you can’t influence your own feelings. Wouldn’t it be nice, if there would be someone who could?

With Careglass everybody who is wearing the glasses can be informed about your general feeling. Visualized in 5 simple and lean Emojis your feelings can be shown instantly.

Help others to socialize with you trought sharing your emotional state of mind.

Personal View

What if you could give the first little push towards your own happyness. Our Careglasses will give you the opportunity to colorize your viewport of life.

Our Glasses

inconspicuous and individual as you

Healthcare App

In a unique collaboration with public health insurance we have developed a perfect companion in your daily life.

The aim is to collect long therme personal data - as for exapmle measuring hearth beet allows the algorithms to determine your current mental state, to detect your recovery time and trough that to instantly share the personal state of mind with others.

No matter what smartphone you have, the app can be used with all up-to-date operating systems on iOS, Android and Windows phone.


The Careglasses has been devepoped on the base of usual glasses giving you a casual look.

In general the technology can be even added as an extra feature to your already existing favorites.

The aim is to give anybody a possibility to look as individual as possible, but still use the benefites of modern technology offerd by Careglasses.

Side Effects

Firstly it is possible to become addictive to our product, therefore we advise to use the glasses with filters up to 8h/ per day.

Therefore the Healthapp switches the filters after the advised periode of time automaticlly off.

As well as if you are overdosing the usage over longer time the psyhological effect can drop and the positive effects of using our product can dessapier or reduce, so in case of fragile state of mind plesase contact your personal doctor.

Careglas - Public Health Insurance

We at Careglasses think, that there is a future in mental healthcare. We think of it as an common good. That’s why we are a cooperation of a private healt insucance and a glasses manufacture.

Since most malfunctions around the Eye are fixable, our new businessmodel is caring about the mental malfunctions.

Happyiness - a highest priority

The awereness in society about the importance of mental health 
has been rased. Due to the public attention to the health care own personal wellbeeing has become a daily routine. Trough the usage 
of our wearable Care-glasses people have become more sencing, careing and in the end as well more open to each other. To ask a stranger “how do you do” is a daily routine. capacity of higher attention.

Healthy society can focus on other – bigger problems. Climate change and rising numbers of migration can be solved trough capacity of higher attention.

Disclaimer: This is a fake product webpage. It was conceived and designed in the course of a digital workshop taking place in Oct/Nov 2020, in Munich, Germany. This project was created by three participants.