Welcome to Gatekeeper

The ultimate newsfeed neutralizer App, pre-installed and build in your Smart Device.

Be truly connected to your community and stay informed with the latest news. Rest assure that Gatekeeper will keep it safe and true.

No more fake news

On a digital level, people have become incredibly closely connected. Due to this lack of digital distance it has become easier than ever to keep up-to-date with anyone about anything – anywhere in the world.

As convenient as this might seem, in this rapid digital structure of sharing data, rumors and headlines, our news channels have changed into a chaotic true-or-false stage for sensationalism, making it nearly impossible to determine what is fake news and what is true. Within this dynamic and open forum, an original source is nowhere to be found. It has become impossible to properly verify our information, causing a big wave of confusion and mistrust within society.

Flexible screens folds to give you all in one ecosystem. Your phone is now your smart watch, giving you all the fitness and health blueprint faster than ever. The Gatekeeper will be in close contact with how you feel and how you interact with others.

The ultimate true data source

Gatekeeper restores your trust by giving you only 
the truth.

With its highly advanced analytical ability, Gatekeeper is the ultimate fact checker that will filter out any fake news and provide relevant data on anything you want, when you need it.

Honesty is the best policy

We aim to make the world a more pleasant and safe place through revealing the truth.

History has shown us the harmful influence of fake news on society. Gatekeeper will give you the truth, and nothing but the truth. We believe that a society should be based on honest and logical data, to achieve growth on a global scale in terms of education, fair politics, equality and how we take care of the environment.

Put your faith in Gatekeeper to manage your virtual interactions

Gatekeeper’s services are completely free of charge. Just use your voice and stay in contact!

Whenever you need fact checking or have your own news to share, we will make sure it runs smoothly. Gatekeeper combines cutting-edge data filters with advanced body language analysis to detect dishonest news providers. 

Show Me The Truth.

Our cutting-edge data filters can verify any news for you in seconds. Gatekeeper alarms you when fake news is detected. If the news does turn out to be fake, Gatekeeper will mark it as such and automatically provides you with real news and breaks it down with a clear explanation.

Got News To Share?

Gatekeeper wants to provide a stage for anyone who has something to contribute. By sharing knowledge we are able to grow as a society. Based on the information the community provides, Gatekeeper is able to make the most logical judgement to get rid of fake news. The body language analysis makes use of the close-touch function of your smart device, scanning heart rate and voice pitch to detect fake news contributions.

Emergency Guidance

Emotional Distress Verification scans your reaction to news through your smart device and provides the most useful informations and logical instructions in Survival Mode when any distress factor, like a natural disaster or crisis, is identified.

Open And Honest

Gatekeeper is an open source, it has no secrets. Our services are available for anyone, regardless of status, age or gender. 

While Gatekeeper is able to scan and understand human emotions, we will only make use of this data to come up with the most pragmatic solutions when needed.

Disclaimer: This is a fake product webpage. It was conceived and designed in the course of a digital workshop taking place on April 3rd, 2020, in Kyoto, Japan. This project was created by Lilianka Isabel Julian, Danika van Kaathoven and Shunsuke Yamanami.