March 12 | MozFest Workshop


Welcome to Ascentia!

a state in formation

Today, your department is gathering to update the information on the webpage. As department, you have 30 minutes to sketch out your department’s most important policies, which will then be presented on the State’s webpage.

Have a fun meeting!

Before you start: Decide on a moderator who also has an eye on the time.

20 ' Speculation & Sketching

How is your department contributing to AI Wellness in Ascentia?

2 min
Briefly dive into the context and gather first thoughts on your department's task in Ascentia:

How is your department contributing to AI Wellness in Ascentia?
Think also about your department's main values and objectives.
1 min each
(~4 min)
Introduce yourself and share your thoughts on how the department will ensure and contribute to AI Wellness.

Use Miro to note down everyone's thoughts.
5 min
Reflect upon the interconnections of your ideas, discuss them and decide on the tasks of the department that should defently be presented on the webpage.
7 min
Sketch out your departments agenda; i.e. brief introduction with values and objectives, action items to contribute to MozTopia.

... or whatever you perceive worth presenting 🙂

Now it's time to communicate and visualize your department's agenda!

Take your positive energy to the next level!

10 ' Prototyping

How should your department be presented?

5 min
Split your group in 2:
While the one part finalizes the text to be published on the webpage, the other part of the group browses for appropriate visual material.

5 min
Put everything together and decide on a member to present the department at the big cabinet meeting.